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In Virginia, the State Board of Elections voted to decertify it’s touchscreen voting machines in time for the November gubernatorial election, and one of the reasons given was the discoveries at DEF CON. We’re hoping for increased focus on security and accountability in our voting systems, and we are pleased to see the subject getting broader attention.




There’s also a very informative episode about DEF CON by the fine people who do all the ‘How Stuff Works’ podcasts. The first half is devoted to a thorough explanation of DC history and the second half is an interview with the wonderful Shannon Morse (@Snubs) about her experiences there as a human and in her professional capacities as a vendor and journalist. It’s from their TechStuff series and it’s worth a listen, especially if you’re new to the community.


Def Syndicate - The A ProjectDef Syndicate - The A ProjectDef Syndicate - The A ProjectDef Syndicate - The A Project