Peter prince - being alive

Peter was born in Paris and spent his childhood in France, and did not set foot in Greece between 1912 and 1935 due to the First World War and the later proclamation of the Second Hellenic Republic . During that time, he came to know Denmark , the kingdom from which the Greek royal family originated. [1] He joined the Royal Guards of Denmark in 1932 for basic military service, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1934. He spent summers at Bernstorff Palace , then owned by his paternal granduncle, Prince Valdemar of Denmark . [1] Due to their father's long-lasting sexual and emotional relationship with his uncle Valdemar, Peter and his sister Eugénie referred to Valdemar as "Papa Two". [1] As customary, Princess George took no part in her son's upbringing, and when he reached adolescence, only the counsels of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud helped them suppress their incestuous feelings for each other. [1]

Peter Prince - Being AlivePeter Prince - Being AlivePeter Prince - Being AlivePeter Prince - Being Alive